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These stories were posted on a Blog that followed activities of the 1/14th Infantry on its first two tours of Iraq.  The Blog was created by the father of 1/14th veteran Stephen LoPinto, who served 13 months in Iraq during the first deployment in 2004.  To visit the site, and see all available information, go to   http://coolblue.typepad.com/golden_dragons/
(And while there, wander off into the blogs.  Thoughtful, witty and interesting...)

April 13 Golden Dragons display quick-strike capabilities
April 23 'It's Real Now,' Troops Say as Bullets Start to Fly
April 25 Golden Dragons help rebuild medical clinics in Tuz
May 5 Golden Dragons return from Najaf, Mosul
May 9 Virginia Nurse Practitioners Assist Golden Dragons
May 29 1-14th and Medical Supplies Update
June 08 2nd BCT Soldiers receive Purple Hearts
June 16 TF 1-14 INF relocates to Kirkuk Air Base
June 22 Operation Crayon
June 27 Task Force Duke confronts Sadr
July 03 Golden Dragons back in Najaf for Operation Dragon Victory
July 14 Be careful boys
July 18 Sadr Militia Evicted from Illegally Occupied Building
July 23 Birthday Presents
July 30 Showing them the ropes
July 31 A new arrival
October 04 Appointment in Samarra
October 05 Operation Baton Rouge
October 14 B Co in Samarra
October 14 Letter from Michael Ware of Time Magazine
October 17 A (temporary) homecoming
October 17 The Sheepdogs
October 20 B Company in Samarra
October 23 Charlie Company
October 26 More Golden Dragons in Iraq
October 17 A (temporary) homecoming
November 03 Golden Dragons help restore stability
December 01 Mission extended
December 19 Relief arrives
December 28 Christmas Gifts
January 05 A trip to Mosul
January 11 Old Glory
January 18 FOB Patriot
January 25 Suspects in Custody
January 26 We're getting close
February 01 More 25th ID soldiers return to Hawaii
February 01 Fallen Dragon - PFC Stephen Castellano
February 03 Pfc Stephen Anthony Castellano
February 06 The Reflections of Heroes
February 10 Reunion
February 12 Poolside
February 19 Homecoming pix
March 19 Camarillo soldier in Iraq returns home
June 30 Soldier happy to home from Iraq war
October 23 Thirteen Months in Iraq
November 16 More pictures from Iraq
January 02 Spc Veliz's pictures
April 02 God Speed, SSgt Rodriguez
May 08 1-14 soldiers test Strykers before deployment
February 01 The Boys are back in town
February 09 Sons of Iraq help the Dragons
February 09 Camp Taji
February 14 Dragon pix
February 15 Dragons Visit Town to Show They Care
February 22 Dragons find weapons cache
February 26 Dragons and Citizens Stand Together Following Terrorist Attack
March 03 Dragons Find Two Weapons Caches
March 04 Dragons Visit 'Forgotten' Village of Abayachi
March 09 Dragons love children
March 12 Dragons deliver hoard to Tarmiya
March 13 Riding to Tarmiya
March 14 Dragons host Gol Representatives
March 15 The Enemy of My Enemy
March 18 Junkyard Dragons
March 21 Dragon videos
March 23 "The Chicken Coop."
March 23 Spc. Craig Vandermaden: Why I fight
April 01 Operation Forgiving Dragon
April 01 Safe Passage
April 08 Spc Buck
April 15 A note from LTC Boccardi
May 09 Dragons preside over peace in Tarmiyah
May 17 God speed, Sgt. Daggett
June 13 Dragons Capture Key Criminal
June 13 Sgt. Michael Makela
June 18 Video: Dragons and the Sons of Iraq
June 19 Dragons Build Relations in Tarmiyah
June 19 Capt. Jim Burton
June 19 Staff Sgt. Robert Peredo
June 19 Capt. Jim Burton
June 29 Captain Chrisopher Loftis: "Al Qaeda isn't coming back."
July 08 Dragons Free a Sheikh
July 21 Dragons protect the children
July 21 Dragons assure safe passage
August 06 Rock Soldiers
August 06 Pictures from Tarmiyah
August 12 God speed, Sgt. Gibson
September 18 Dragons provide essential services
October 12 Dragons effect transition
October 21 Dragons build schools
November 30 Dragons hunt AQI Leaders
January 23 The girls school saved by Dragons


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