1st Battalion, 14th Infantry

Thomas W. Bennett
  Medal of Honor Recognition Ceremony
West Virginia University ... Friday, 3 November, 2000

University ROTC Honor Guard with Sgt. Joseph Swan, NCOIC,  4th Infantry Division Honor Guard,
with Colors and Campaign Streamers

Left to Right:  David C. Hardesty Jr., President WVU...  Augusto Paglialunga, Resident Faculty Leader, Bennett Tower...
 George B. Bennett...James F. Bennett...  Robert B. Miller... Kenneth Gray, Vice Pres. WVU,
Student Affairs-Major General, U.S. Army Retired  

Left to Right:  George B. Bennett, James F. Bennett and Robert B. Miller, addressing the ceremony

Photo, Citation and Medal of Honor awarded Thomas W. Bennett.

Scouts from Tom Bennett's Troop... Troop 65

Dedicated to Thomas William Bennett on April 7th, 1990.  Bennett Tower is the first in a set of four towers that make up
the Evansdale Residential Complex at West Virginia University.

**Thanks to Robert B. Miller<Rb_miller10@comcast.net>, brother of Gale Miller Bennett Gray,
Tom Bennett's mother.