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Bravo Company, 2nd Platoon
Schofield Barracks Life


Our Thanks to SPC Ian MacEachen, 1st Bn, 14th Infantry for forwarding these photos.


[01]  Bravo Company, 2nd Platoon in front of the Schofield Barracks Golden Dragon statue, group includes;
        SSG Boston, Sgt David Kresge, Sgt Consuegra, SPC MacEachen, PV2 Heiser, SPC Shane Ansell, PFC Shawn Gulierrez,
        2Lt Aspland, PFC Berry, SSG Mark Larson, PV2 Tyjuan Atkinson, PV2 Aaron Hinds, PV2 Heston and others.
[02]  Golden Dragon's Trophy Room
[03]  SPC Ian MacEachen at the Kahuku Training Area
[04]  SPC Shane Ansell in Kahuku Training Area
[05]  Bravo Company, 2nd Platoon

[06]  Sgt Kurt Miller in Halloween costume,  [07]  Unknown,  [08]  SPC Tom Bradley,  [09]  Unknown
[10]  Dragon burned onto wall panel,  [11]  Unknown,  [12]  SPC Ian MacEachen, Pohakalua Training Center

[13]  Unknown, Unknown
[14]  Unknown, Unknown
[15]  Unknown
[16]  Unknowns playing cards
[17]  Unknown winner
[18]  Party time!

[19]  Bravo Company softball team
[20]  Humvee Push, Kelly at back
[21]  Quads at Schofield Barracks
[22]  Kristofor White in camo
[23]  Relaxing


[24]  Sgt Chuck Meadows, Sgt Kurt Miller, SPC Joe Burke at Aomori Barracks
[25]  SPC Ian MacEachen dressed for Halloween
[26]  Sgt Jory "Shilo" Whorton
[27]  SPC Tom Bradley
[28]  Unknown
[29]  Hawaii - tunnels through the mountain