1967-1968 FOX REUNION 2000

Thank You letter from Tom Jones, who attended the reunion...


October 26, 2000

TO:  Reunion Attendees

FROM:  Tom Jones


Golden Dragons, Gentlemen:


Enclosed is a little something I wanted you each to have as "Thanks" for honoring me with your hospitality at your recent reunion at Jack Barnett's place.  It's hard to believe that it was almost two months ago!  The pictures posted on the Golden Dragon Website are wonderful and Walt McDonald and I were thrilled to be included among you.

Meeting all of you and being able to observe part of your interactions that day was a very moving experience for me.  I tried to express it to Terry Bender a couple of days later by e-mail because I was still reflecting on it, as well as feeling regrets that I had not had the wits about me at the time to verbalize to the whole group, including your various wives and children, what I was seeing and feeling.  But I guess that's what all us "macho men" were taught early on - to suppress our feelings!

So not I'm probably going to terribly embarrass the humble Terry by expressing to all of  you what I felt I was seeing that day.  What it was, guys, may be something that only old "warriors" such as us can experience because of what we and our comrades went through together.  What I was so honored to witness that day was the interaction and mutual bond of respect between an obviously effective leader and his "crew", who undoubtedly had accomplished great things together because of it.

As I told Terry, I was quite certain this warrior phenomenon was not lost on your families that weekend, and it was certainly great that they were included so they could share it.

Thanks again, and if I had been sharp enough to propose a toast that day it would be "May you enjoy lasting peace and good health".