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August 2, 1969 Bob Howie tells story of tiger attack at FSB St. George
August 3, 1969 Bob Howie's stories - at St. George, taking fire on patrol, one-shot M-60
August 15, 1969 Kevan Welch talks about past week's activities, incident crossing stream, tiger attacks
August 25, 1969 Kevan Welch tapes a letter to his family - mine sweep, R&R is set up, asks for seafood, describes construction of new 2-seater outhouse;  Howie says Hi
September, 1969 #1 Working at ARVN Montagnard fire base 2 klicks from St. George, monsoon season has started and it rains every day
September, 1969 #2 Side 2 of above, hurt his hand while building a bunker - it rains off and on.
September, 1969 #3 Young Montagnards share some of their songs with Kevan
September, 1969 $4 Bob Howie is on duty in the Commo Bunker, leave mike on so we can listen to the monsoon rain, radio calls, and the conversation
September 9, 1969 Just back from 10-day patrol, 2nd platoon digs up bodies - twice, risky climb up steep cliff, Kevan becomes RTO, disparaging remarks about 1st Sgt
September 26, 1969 Kevan Welch at St. George taking it easy, had eye infection, 5 days until R&R, Bob Howie adds his 2 cents worth
October 3, 1969 Kevan Welch talks to his mother from his R&R in Australia
November 6, 1969 #1 RTO Bob Howie is on night duty in Commo Bunker, leaves the tape running so we can listen in on the night attack on St. George - VC inside the wire!
November 6, 1969 #2 It's 8:00 A.M., guns are still firing, and RTO Bob Howie gives us a summary of last night's action
November 7, 1969 RTO Bob Howie is again on duty, the VC are once again inside the wire, it's another hairy night - and the tape is running...
Interview - Audio Canadian CBC Radio producer Rosemarie Westwood interviews Kevan Welch aboard flight to Canada (audio version)
Interview - Video Canadian CBC Radio producer Rosemarie Westwood interviews Kevan Welch aboard flight to Canada (video version)


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