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"LZ Brillo Pad: Fraternity of Pride, Endurance"

From an Article that appeared in The Dial Corporation "News and Views", Spring 1990 Newsletter.

Although opinions differ over our country's involvement in the Vietnam War,  none dispute that the men and women who were there served our country proudly, bravely and heroically.  All three of these qualities were displayed amply in Vietnam during the spring of l968,  at a landing zone (LZ) along the Cambodian border,  named LZ Brillo Pad.

Bill Boe of Gainesville,  Florida was a defender of the fire base and a platoon sergeant.  When the army decided to place an artillery fire base,  also known as a landing zone,  in such a volatile area,  stated Boe,  someone commented, "That's going to be a rough place to put a fire base.  The defenders of that hill will have to be tough as Brillo Pads."

The name stuck and it was officially named Landing Zone Brillo Pad.  "The reason LZ Brillo Pad was placed there was to block North Vietnamese Army (NVA) infiltration from Cambodia and Laos into the Central Highlands of South Vietnam," says Boe.  "I'm proud to say that we were successful in our objective to slow enemy movement along the infamous Ho Chi Minh Trail.  LZ Brillo Pad truly was a barrier to enemy movement into South Vietnam. And it wasn't easy to attain that objective."

During that spring of 1968, Army 4th Infantry Division units from Delta and Bravo Companies (Boe served with Delta), 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry, and Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry,  withstood a series of furious attacks by NVA troops.  The hill on which Brillo Pad was located daily received over 400 incoming rounds of  North Vietnamese rocket and mortar fire.   NVA infiltration attempts on the hill were frequent, which included the use of deadly flame throwers.

One night NVA troops actually penetrated the perimeter but were driven back by U.S. troops in brief, but intense fighting.

Numerous newspaper articles chronicled the bravery and heroism of the men who defended LZ Brillo Pad.  In a recent letter,  Boe states, "I hope The Dial Corporation will exhibit this picture (of LZ Brillo Pad)…and will take as much pride in the hill that bore the name of your product as we took in successfully defending it."  Consider it our honor and pleasure, Bill Boe.  The Dial Corporation thanks you for bringing this proud piece of history to our attention, and we salute all of the brave men and women who served in the armed forces in Vietnam.

Landing Zone Brillo Pad  photographed in May, 1968 by William K. Boe,
a member of Delta Company, 1st Battalion,  14th Infantry,  4th Infantry Division of the U.S. army.