LZ UpTight




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Press Release for Action on 17 January


1/14th Infantry continued operations in AO GRANT.  Bravo Company and Fox conducted Combat Assault to a LZ vic of AN THINH(2).  1/52(-) occupied blocking positions along the AO boundary and made contact prior to LZ time.  The LZ was changed and Bravo Company and Fox swept into AN THINH while Delta Company(2 platoons) blocked to the South along the coast.  As Fox made contact, Aloha and Sharks engaged the VC in hedgerow/trench systems.  The enemy broke into the open in several instances and were easy shooting.  Others hid in caves located in the trench rows and tunnel rats were employed.  2nd Platoon of Delta Company was CA to beach in order to sweep to the blocking positions occupied by 1/52nd.  After Sweeping the area the results were noteworthy.