Ltc. Procter, Gen. Walker and Sgt. Russell Castle with Turk
September 1966
Russell Leonard Castle

 40th Infantry Platoon Scout Dogs

PSGT - E7 - Army - Regular
25th Infantry Division

Length of service 16 years
His tour began on Aug 24, 1966
Casualty was on Jul 2, 1967

In Binh Duong, South Vietnam
Sgt. Castle was 34 years old.
Panel 22E - Line 97

Sgt. Castle Memorial info
courtesy of THE WALL
Sgt. Castle was wounded in the action of 14 October 1966 and flown home to Walter Reed Hospital, where he remained
 until his death on 2 July 1967.  Turk was enroute to visit him... hopefully to aid in his recovery... when he died.
After spending a few days at Fort Benning, Turk was returned to Vietnam.
What ever happened to Turk?