1/14th Volunteers in 1964 Vietnam

"Shotgun Rider" Operation

Before the 3rd Brigade deployed, 25th guys were trained as door gunners and did 60-90 day TDY stints in Nam with various Aviation companies.

1st Lieutenant John W. Irving

First Lieutenant John W. Irving, Co. C, 1/14th, was the first officer killed in action in Vietnam from the 25th Infantry Division. He served as the Platoon Leader of the Shotgun Platoon from January 1965 until his death on 8 May 65. Sgt. Nuckols was his Platoon Sergeant. He was replaced by Lt. Terry Scott, now a retired Lieutenant General.

(Our thanks to the former Mrs. Norma Irving for Lt. Irving's information. Norma is currently married to Medal of Honor recipient and author, Roger Donlon.)

Ralph Orlando, chopper pilot who was there - Today was a very gruesome day.  We had a 4-company combat assault west of Phu Hoa Dong.  On the 1st lift two of our ships were shot up pretty badly.  A VNAF H-34 was hit by an automatic and blew up on landing.  This afternoon we had a training mission at Trung Lap and as troops loaded in a supposed secure area there was sniper fire.  Gunner platoon leader Lt. Irving was shot in the chest and died soon afterwards.  No such thing as training.  It is all very real.

Donald Coleman, door gunner - I served under Lt. John William Irving  I was a door gunner trained by Lt. Irving.  I respected him and was proud to have served under his leadership.  Lt. Irving made sure we were ready to do our job when we got to Nam by working us and preparing us for what we would face once we got there, he would not ask you to do anything that he would not do.  He was tough and worked us hard when we were training.  I think all the guys respected him as a leader and as person.

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"Shotgun Rider" KIAs  from 1/14th Infantry