1st Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment
25th Infantry Division

PFC Dennis Alvin McKellar

Age 20

Headquarters & Headquarters Company
Died:  October 24, 1966

Company A received fire from a hostile force numbering twenty or more.  After capturing two and killing two enemy, a more intense fire fight developed as a determined enemy fought to break away.  After artillery and air support weakened the enemy position, the "PAVN Hunters" swept the area, bringing the total enemy KIA to 19.  During this action medic Dennis Alvin McKellar, while attending another wounded soldier, was hit by automatic weapons fire and killed. [Medics were part of Headquarters company, and assigned to the various combat companies...]

PFC McKellar received the Silver Star for his bravery in this action.  The citation reads, in part,
     "Private First Class McKellar distinguished himself while serving as Platoon Medic for the 3rd Platoon, Company A, which was conducting a search and destroy mission in the mountainous and dense jungle near Plei Djerang.  The company encountered a well fortified North Vietnamese force and the Third Platoon maneuvered to eliminate a bunker complex which housed enemy automatic weapons.  With great determination and courage the platoon aggressively assaulted the enemy and destroyed the position; however, a well placed and concealed enemy sniper began to pick off the gallant friendly troops.  A soldier received a gun shot wound in the hip and called for a medic.  Private First Class McKellar immediately and unhesitatingly went to his comrade's aid.  While attending the soldier's wound, the sniper again opened fire and hit Private First Class McKellar in the base of the spine.  Although critically wounded and completely incapacitated, Private First Class McKellar initially refused assistance from another soldier who came to his aid.  Instead, he gave verbal instructions to the new helper so that his patient's wound might be properly cared for.  Private First Class McKellar and his wounded comrades were evacuated; however, the valiant medic died of his wounds shortly after he was admitted to the hospital.  By unhesitatingly placing the life of his fellow man above his own, Private First Class McKellar demonstrated courage, determination, and devotion to duty of the highest order.

PFC McKellar was from Rose City, Michigan.

Length of service 2 months
His tour began on Aug 24, 1966
Casualty was on Oct 24, 1966
Body was recovered


PFC Dennis Alvin McKellar, medic


Photos of Dennis McKellar