1st Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment
4th Infantry Division

Sgt. Lloyd Loren Willard

Age 22

Alpha Company
Died:  May 25, 1968

East of Polei Kleng, his patrol came under direct and indirect enemy fire, including 82mm mortars.  "Will" and his M-60 machine gun team took cover in an old bomb crater.  Despite heavy enemy fire,"Will" held his position and continued to return machine gun fire until the enemy mortars scored a direct hit on his position, killing him instantly.

Sgt. Willard was from Solway, Minnesota.

Sgt. Lloyd Loren Willard


His nickname was Will, he was a fine young man.  I knew him for only a short time.  I transferred into his Fire Team (7 men) before the start of the Tet offensive in February, 1968.  He was a big man, so he was chosen to carry the M-60 machine gun.  The M-60 weighed 23 pounds without ammunition. In addition to the gun, the machine gunner carried at least 200-300 rounds of ammunition for his gun - an additional 15 pounds.  Will carried the M-60 and ammo in addition to his regular combat load of approximately 40 Lbs.

Alpha Company, with about 100 men, was several miles northeast of Polei Kleng, South Viet Nam, (14.26N. - 107.50 E.) on May 25th, 1968.  We were patrolling in an active area of enemy infiltration.  We made contact with NVA forces, armed with rifles, AK-47s and 82 mm mortars.  We came under intense direct fire from enemy rifles and AK machine guns, as well as indirect fire from the mortars.  Will, Sgt. Thomas Maloney and Pfc. Ted Brazzeal took cover in an old bomb crater.  Even though the enemy rifle fire was accurate, and mortar rounds were getting closer to their position, Will stayed in the crater and continued to return machine gun fire.  Then, a mortar round landed inside the bomb crater and Will's life was extinguished almost instantly.

Will was a brave, honorable, noble and courageous soldier.  He was taken from his family and friends at far too young an age.  Rest peacefully Will, you are not forgotten.

                                                            Tribute from a fellow platoon member...