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3rd Brigade "Bronco" History*

The Bronco Brigade was organized at Schofield Barracks on August 12, 1963, along with the "Lancer" and "Warrior" Brigades. The new brigade organizations replaced the old battle groups of the Pentomic Divisions, which had five infantry battle groups, each group having five companies. At the time of its activation, the Bronco Brigade consisted of the 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry, 1st Battalion, 35th Infantry and the 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry. The brigadeís motto became "None Better."

The Broncos remained at Schofield Barracks for the next two years. Then, on Dec 10, 1965, the 25th Infantry Division received the order to deploy to Vietnam.

On Dec 24, while the main force of the division prepared to move out by sea, Air Force Military Airlift Command planes began transporting the 3rd Brigadeís men and 2,000 tons of equipment to the northern province of Pleiku located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam in operation "Blue Light." Blue Light was, at that time, the largest movement of soldiers and equipment by military aircraft in history.

Commanded then by COL Everette A. Stoutner, the 3rd Brigade established a foothold in the rugged terrain around Pleiku and created a blocking force against Vietcong personnel and supplies infiltrating South along the Ho Chi Minh trail and the Cambodian border. Their primary mission was to destroy any possible crossing sites along the frontier and disrupt any attempts by the North Vietnamese Army to conduct major combat efforts in the Central Highlands.

The rest of the division arrived in Vietnam in early 1966 and was sent further south to deal with the communist forces around Cu Chi. The Broncos remained an independent brigade, under the control of the Second Field Force until August, 1967, when it was reestablished in Cu Chi. The Broncos remained with the 25th until the division began its deployment back to Schofield in 1970. Then, as part of the divisionís post-war restructuring, the 3rd Brigade was deactivated.

The 3rd "Bronco" Brigade was reactivated at Schofield Barracks November 15, 1985, as part of the 25th Infantry Divisionís reorganization to a light infantry division.

In 1995, the Broncos Combat Team was deployed to the island of Haiti in support of Operation Uphold Democracy. Since returning from Haiti, the Brigade has conducted two Lighting Thrust II exercises on Ohau and completed to extremely successful deployments to the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) at Ft. Polk, LA. The Brigadeís success these exercises is a result of the dedicated leadership and disciplined training that our soldiers endure.

*Official History from 25th Div web page: "Bronco Brigade Unit History" cited below.  Jim Anderson's

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