The 1st Battalion - 14th Infantry Regiment

Tatoo Art

David "Pancho" Manrique
(sent in by Tom Jones)

This unique tattoo has a Golden Dragon
connection even though it's proud owner,
David "Pancho" Manrique, served with
Company A, 1st Battalion, 35th Infantry
A good friend from my 1966 service
with 1-14 Infantry, CPT Richard Beal,
returned to VN for a 2nd tour in early 1968
and was Company Commander of A-1-35
Infantry. Over the years at various reunions
I have run into numerous men that humped
his radio, and Pancho was one of them.  Both
were wounded in action on 4-5-68 and,
 for a
time, hospitalized near each
 other.  Pancho

writes "Beal told me that I was going to a hospital in Japan and asked if I had any money.  I told him "no" and then
he pulled out his wallet and gave me $10 and said I did a great job and that I made him proud; good luck in life and
to stay a good man.  Then he said 'God bless you son' and said goodbye.  He was a good man that I will never forget". 
David Manrique eventually returned to the beaches of California and had this tattoo done to cut down on the questions.