History Project: Vietnam
1969 - 1970

Golden Dragons

My name is David Brown, and I was a medic in Bravo from November '69 through October '70Recently, I had my photos of that time posted on 1-14th.com, and we corresponded in regard to the lack of a history on the website for those years.  I think it a shame that, beyond a few articles by Stephen Heck, there is no narrative telling of those years.  I know it was a strange time in the war,  as it was winding down, but still we were losing good guys.  There needs to be a record of their sacrifice and our experiences with survival.

I hope to build a chronological narrative of 69 and 70 for the website, and I need your help.  I have begun to organize and write my recollections, fortified with the memories of Joe Hannigan and John Livewell and Randy Bauman.  There is so much more.  Which Dragon and when died in a chopper crash?  What about Chu Pa?  St. George?  I am asking you to dig in and remember nicknames, songs, letters home, photos, actions, events, COs and dates of your service in the Nam.  Please scan your photos (and letters, if you want to include them) and send them to the website for display in our Photograph Gallery, and also to be used, where they fit, to illustrate our history timeline.

My hope is that this does not come from too deep in left field and stir up stuff you have laid to rest, but if you want to join this effort, I can assure you that nothing will be published from your comments until you approve and that together we can restore a time in our lives when we worked together to stay alive.  I include my very best regards and good wishes.  I hope to hear from you.


Doc Brown