Alpha Company - Early 1966

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[1]  [Back row] 1Lt Joseph X. Grant, 1Lt Herbert A. Walter, SSG Comes (acting 1Sgt), 1Lt Jim Bainbridge
      [Front row] 1Lt Terry O'Brian, 1Lt Marve McGraw, 2Lt Kieon (Forward Observer)
[2]  Unknown 
[3]  PFC Walter McDonald

[4]  Playing games
[5]  Game board, unknown soldiers
[6]  Mortar pit
[7]  Detonation outside of camp

[8]  Tent
[9]  Scenic view near Plieku Base Camp
[10]  L-R:  William Ward, Seefelt, Curtis McLawhorn, Dauchy, Lynwood "Babysan" Jones (standing)




1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  Alpha Co - Early 1966
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Photo Copyright 2013  Lynwood Jones (10)
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