Alpha Company - Early 1966
Photos from Walt McDonald

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[1]  Dragon tatoo  [2]  Capt. Ora "Lee" Boss,  [3]  FSG Yoshiiwa Nagato (KIA)
[4]  Walt McDonald, Quad E, Schofield Barracks with "1st Bde Best Rifle Company" award
[5]  Walt McDonald with 90mm recoilless rifle

[6]  Pohakaloa Training Area, Big Island, Hawaii, 1965:  Walt McDonald and Larry Rincon
[7]  Walt McDonald at Pleiku
[8]  Alpha Co. mess line
[9]  Dan Balkovic, Walt McDonand, Ronnie Grago
[10]  SP4 Morris singing at talent show

[11]  Walt McDonald and Alan Rasnick horsing around
[12]  Robert Poteat
[13]  Capt. Ora Boss adds Unit Citation to company flag in front of Orderly Room
[14]  Fixing flag after Capt. Boss "bleeped" it up
[15]  Tents in company area, Pleiku, early 1966

                               A Trip to the Traveling Wall  -  2009
                                            Loudonville, Ohio
                                             Walt McDonald

[16]  "Off to the Vietnam Traveling Wall in Loudonville, Ohio"
"Flags 'Showing Off'...Love to hear them SNAPPIN"
[18]  "The old PAVN HUNTER, Walt McDonald, standing by my brothers"
[19]  "God Bless the medics and nurses"
[20]  "The turnout was awsome!"

[21]  "Panel 12 E, A/1-14/Nov 13, 1966, C/1-14/Nov 13, 1966, B/1-14/Nov19, 1966.
        Golden Dragon Warriors, each and every one!"
        "Grant, Obrien, Blanding, Corrolla, Casto, Danna, Hatton, Lider, Northern, Potempo, Schultz, Sperry,
         Vaughn, Cooper, Basey, Rudolf, Swargin, Shupe, Serrano, Federline, Harris, Kirby, Ohlinger, Bielicki,
         Priest, Dlugonkinski, Kinnard, Belcher, Machado, McCown..."
        "Losses I will Never Forget"
[22]  Memorial sign to those who died in Vietnam
[23]  Panel 9E:  Nagato, Wells and Main - "Rest in Peace"
[24]  "Hauntingly Real..."
[25]  William G. Main, Jr, Alliance, Ohio, KIA 7/28/1966.  Silver Star.  "Bill and I joined the Army
        in November, 1964.  One of the nicest guys I have ever known!  A soldier all the way!"




1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  Alpha Co - Early 1966 - Photos from Walt McDonald
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