Alpha Company - 2nd Platoon - Summer 1966
Photos by 1Lt James K. Bainbridge

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[1]  1Lt James Bainbridge at Pleiku  [2]  and with Alpha Co. flag;
[3]  SSG Earl Campbell, SSG Benjamin Mabini, 
[4]  Alpha Company area.  Sign says: "Through these uprights walk the bravest and proudest of the Golden Dragons"

[5]  Jim Bainbridge with mother at airport
[6]  2nd Platoon Sergeant Davis in front of Orderly Room counting money
[7]  SP4 Robert L. N. "Doc" Brown,  [8]  Newspaper article about "Doc" Brown
[9]  1Lt Herbie Walter, Alpha XO, shaving

[10]  Jim Bainbridge with Alpha Co flag,  [11]  Walking,  [12]  In flip-flops
[13]  Watch shop in Pleiku

[14]  Newspaper article:  PFC Leigans saved 1Lt Bainbridge
[15]  SSG Benjamin Mabini, acting platoon sergeant, in front of headquarters building;
[16-18]  Scenes of Pleiku

[19-23]  Scenes in and around Pleiku




1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  Alpha Co - Summer 1966 - Photos of 1Lt James Bainbridge
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