Alpha Company, August-October 1966

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[01]  Medic Dennis McKellar treats Unknown,  [02]  Dennis McKellar in the field,  [03]  View from a Huey
[04]  Dennis McKellar by his tent,  [05]  Unknown taking a break on patrol,  [06]  Dennis McKellar rests during patrol
[07]  Unknown Staff Sergeant observes local wildlife

[08]  Dennis McKellar treats Montagnard villagers,  [09]  Unknowns eating lunch,  [10]  View of Pleiku base
[11]  View of Pleiku base,  [12]  Dennis McKellar atop shower point,  [13]  Landing Zone




1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  Alpha Co, August-October 1966
Copyright 2016  14th Infantry Regiment Association
Pictures Copyright 2016  Marc Hendricks, nephew of Dennis Alvin McKellar (Killed in Action)
Last modified: March 30, 2016