Alpha Company - Early 1968

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[1]  Springer with AK-47
[2]  Harvey Esscue with snake 
[3]  "Smiddy", M-60 machine gunner 

[4]  Christmas 1967
[5]  Sgt. Boehmer, David Wallcott, Jim Daniels
[6]  John Bellone, Roger Koenig
[7]  Chu Pa looking at LZ Tommie
[8]  McClaren, Wolf, Mauch, Von Riesen

[9]  Sawyer (blond, at left), Garcia (with helmet), Rosey (with hat), "Doc" (to right of Rosey)
      Duane "Fatback" Bokn (Squad Leader, far right);  1st Platoon members prior to 7-Jun-68
[10]  Phil "Preacher" McDonald with newspaper, Dye kissing his neck, Sawyer (blond)
[11]  Bunker at Fire Base Karen
[12]  Von Riesen
[13]  Alpha Company on break




1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  Alpha Co - Early 1968
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