Alpha Company - 1968-69
Photos of Randy Carlson

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[01]  Randy Carlson, Sgt. Silverstein,  [02]  Unknown, Unknown
[03]  (L-R) Von Reisen, Joey Bishop (an entertainer visiting troops in the field), top right Tony Page, rest Unknown
[04]  Far right, Von Reisen, rest Unknown,  [05]  All Unknown

[06]  Unknown,  [07]  Gerald Wiggins (left), Unknown

[08]  Randy Carlson,  [09]  Tiger,  [10]  Randy Carlson (left), Unknown, Artillery Forward Observer (right),  [11]  Unknown


Thanks to Justin Koenig for scanning and submitting these photos on behalf of Randy Carlson.




1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  Alpha Co - 1968-69
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