Alpha Company 1st Platoon - Spring-Summer 1969
Photos from Donald Wolf

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[01]  Unknown, Front row 3rd from left, Terry Huebner (KIA)?  [02]  1st Platoon photo; left, kneeling with glasses Mike Plueger
[03]  1st Platoon photo: left, kneeling with glasses Mike Plueger,  [04]  Supper time; bottom left, Terry Huebner (KIA)?

[05]  Standing, top left Mike Plueger, rest Unknown,  [06]  Ratliff at LZ Mary Lou with Vietnamese children,  [07]  Unknown

[08]  ?ester Murphy, Sgt. Donald Wolf, Terry Redman, Howard Stamps, Dave King, Gary Isebell
[09]  Unknown,  [10]  Unknown,  [11]  Unknown,  [12]  Unknown




1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  Alpha Co 1st Platoon - Spring-Summer 1969
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