Alpha Company - Summer 1969
Photos from David Sumrall, at LZ St. George, July/August 1969

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[1]  Tyson, Unknown with 106mm recoilless rifle,  [2]  RTO waits at chopper pad,  [3]  Chopper lands,  [4]  Loading supplies - all Unknown

[5]  LZ St. George "Main Street" HHC area,  [6]  105mm howitzer
[7]  L-R: "Chumley" (chin on arm), Harry Schwartz (seated), David Sumrall (standing), Fred Montgomery (reclining)
[8]  L-R: Harry Schwartz, Unknown, Fred Montgomery, "Chumley"

[9]  David Sumrall, villager, Sgt. Orlan Hall in Montagnard village,  [10]  Phil Kinney (14th PIO journalist), Sgt. Orlan Hall
[11]  Standing L-R: Tom Fabrezio, Brian Hetzel, Unknown (Carpenter?), Kneeling L-R: Rich Gayow, Danny Josephino, David Sumrall
[12]  Standing in back L-R: Unknown (Carpenter?), Tom Fabrezio, Danny Josephino, Unknown, Front: Brian Hetzel
[13]  David Sumrall, Robert Lee




1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  Alpha Co - Summer 1969
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