Alpha Company - 2nd Platoon - 1969
Photos from John Klimas, at Fire Bases Short and Weigt-Davis

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[01]  Thomas Landry, Thomas Belyeu at FB Short
[02]  Andrew "Andy" Karpinski
[03]  Anthony "Tony" Calandro
[04] "Doc" Gayles, Sgt. Thomas Fulk
[05]  Jim Harbert (Gator), John Klimas
[06]  Ashbaugh, Simon at Weigt-Davis
[07]  Tony Calandro at Weigt-Davis
[08]  Lorin Segura at Weigt-Davis

[09]  David Hassemer, Thomas Ray, Robert Beardsley, 
[10]  Harvel Escue, George Lesley, Jose Cisneros, John "DJ" Krone, John Klimas, Fred Richards at FB Short
[11]  Patrick Gilhuly, Robert "Nick" Thomson (foreground), Thomas Ray, Max Williams, John Klimas, Harvel Escue (farthest back), Stephen Bebout (KIA), at FB Short
[12]  John Klimas, Andrew Karpinski
[13]  Unknown, Thomas Ray, Daniel "Smitty" Smith, Unknown, Roger Meissner, in Kontum Province
[14]  Richards, Lorin Segura, Jose Cisneros, Ashbaugh, 
[15]  Jerry Carter (top of bunker), Andrew Karpinski (in bunker), William "Bill" Miracle, Anthony Calandro




1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  Alpha Co - 2nd Platoon - 1969
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