Bravo Company - Spring/Summer 1966
Photos of Capt. Tom Jones, Bravo Co. Executive Officer

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[1]  Capt. Tom Jones,  [2]  Field haircuts,  [3]  Mount up,  [4]  Lt. Tom Jones,  [5]  Haircut sign

[6]  Lt. Tom Jones (Bravo XO), Lt. James "Terry" Scott (retired a 3-star Lt General of Army Special Operations Command)
Capt. Richard A. Barry, Bravo CO, First Sergeant Roberto Fortuno, 1Lt. Thomas A. Jones, Executive Officer
Capt. William Myers, Asst. S-3 Capt. Thomas Jones, Asst. S-3 Capt. Joe Pellegrino, C.O. at Battalion Forward Command Post (Oasis)
[9]  HHC - Strategy sessions on "LZ Poker".  Note the concealment of the table by use of a camouflage poncho liner.
[10]  "Barry Rubber Formation"

[11]  Anti-chopper sticks,  [12]  Latrine humor,  [13]  Rainy season at base camp,  [14]  Bath time
[15]  1Lt Dave Bramlett, C Co XO (later 4-star general),  [16]  LTC Gilbert Procter Jr, 1/14th Commander

[17]  Pleiku base camp,  [18]  Ia Drang LZ in rainy season,  [19]  Rainy season casualty,  [20]  Danny Dragon,  [21]  PAVN POW

[22]  Barber and customer,  [23]  SFC Bela and barber,  [24]  1Lt Dave Bramlett, Dick Elligood, platoon leader
[25]  1Lt Dave Bramlett




1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  Bravo Company - Spring/Summer 1966
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