Bravo Company 4th Platoon - Late 1967/Early 1968
Photos by Dan Thomson

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Late 1967
[1]  Dan Thomson on the radio
[2]  Captured weapons from fight at An Thinh
[3]  Left front - Clothier, left rear - Nada, right rear - Sgt Bell, far back - Leberg
[4]  Vietnamese women carry supplies north of Duc Pho
[5]  Aboard convoy through Tam Ky to LZ Baldy, January 1968

March 1968: 
[6]  4th platoon on Phu Cat airfield - Sullivan, Clothier, Zaminski, Leberg, Kucharski
[7]  Mail Call at LZ Incoming
[8]  Filling sandbags at LZ Incoming - Leberg, Twiggy, Ski, Thomson
[9]  LZ Incoming - 8 layers on top!
[10]  Dan Thomson in triple canopy jungle near LZ Mile High

[11]  Looking into Cambodia from LZ Brillo Pad
[12]  4th platoon has ice cream (black raspberry revel)
[13]  Fire mission
[14]  Montanards on laundry day near Polei Kleng
[15]  Hooch near Polei Kleng
[16]  Awards ceremony

[17]  Donut Dollies at LZ Irma Jay near Kontum
[18]  DEROS at Pleiku - Thomson, Kucharski, Bell, Leberg, Precore
[19]  L-R:  Sgt. Kucharski ("Church Key"), Sgt. Precore, SP4 Sweezer, Unknown, SSG Robert Leburg (hand in hand)
[20]  Lined up to board Freedom Bird
[21]  "Freedom Bird" with Cochran, SP5 Dan Thomson, Kucharski

[22]  Dan Thomson with children, Cochran in background, northwest of Duc Pho
[23]  Weapons platoon, LZ Hardcore:  [Bottom L-R] Lanny Ford, Silva, [Top] Doc Cochran, Dominguez, Orton, Clothier
[24]  Leburg and Thomson training 4th platoon members in FDC:  [L-R] Zaminski, Leburg, Thomson, Sullivan, "Tank Commander",
        FB 25 near Dak To, September 1968
[25]  Three days to DEROS, September 1968 - NCO club at Camp Enari, [L-R] Dan Thomson, Kucharski, Bell, Cutler (A Co),
        Cochran, Leburg, Precore
[26]  Unknowns aboard Huey at Fire Base 25 near Dak To

[27]  Dan Thomson on LZ Brillo Pad, Spring 1968
[28]  At Bong Son bridge, [L-R] Sullivan on the gun, Clothier, Nada, Zaminski
[29]  LZ Incoming, Dan Thomson and 3rd Bde LRRP Buck Anderson
[30]  Remember this place?  Dan Thomson and Unknown at Fort Polk, Louisiana, "Home of the Combat Infantry"

[31]  Dan Thomson with Care package from home, including new camera
[32]  Capt. Bruce Shipley interrogates VC prisoner after battle of An Thinh
[33]  Four days to go - September, 1968




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