Bravo Company - Early 1968 - 1st Platoon

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[01]  Sgt. Kennedy, "Teach", Smith,  [02]  William Anderson ("John Wayne"), Unknown in rear
[03]  "Big Man" at 6 ft 9 in, Teach,  [04]  1/14th Recon at LZ Hard Core,  [05]  Smitty, Emmett Street and others on patrol

[06]  Searching for weapons,  [07]  Sgt. Kennedy,  [08]  Unknown on truck,  [09] Weapons on wall

[10]  Emmett Street,  [11]  Smitty, Doc, Teach,  [12]  1st Platoon at LZ Hard Core
[13]  Ready to lift to Bong Son,  [14]  Vietnamese family and home

[15]  M-79 grenade launcher and .45 pistol,  [16]  "Tex" Blackburn, Unknown,  [17]  Bong Son camp
[18]  "Blues", Errett "Fatty Glands" Thomas, Unknown,  [19]  Unknown


1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  Bravo Company - Early 1968 - 1st Platoon
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