Bravo Company - 4th Platoon - 1968
Photos from Gene Sullivan

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Bravo Co

[1]  Bravo Co - Unknown,  [2]  4th platoon on stand down in Pleiku
[3]  Unknown,  [4]  Lower left is Combs, upper right is Sgt. Steve Powers, rest Unknown  [5]  Unknown

Bam Me Tue

[6]  4th platoon leader (names unknown),  [7]  Unknown

Dak To

[8]  Scenic view from Dak To,  [9]  Unknown,  [10]  Unknown,  [11-12]  "Dak To Airport"


[13]  4th Inf. Div. Headquarters at Pleiku,  [14]  3rd Brigade area

Bong Son

[15]  Tanks in base,  [16]  Huey,  [17]  Mortar pit and bridge,  [18]  Unknown

Bong Son

[19]  Unknown,  [20]  Unknown shooting baskets,  [21]  Unknown

Polei Kleng

[22]  Aerial view of Polei Kleng base,  [23]  Scenic view


[24]  Aerial view west of Kontum,  [25]  Self-propelled 8-in Howitzer in berm
[26]  Sergeant is 4th platoon leader, facing camera is artillery Forward Observer, may be LZ Thunder

LZ Brillo Pad

[27]  Scenic few of mist in the valley,  [28]  Skycrane,  [29]  View from Brillo Pad




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