Bravo Company - Late 1969
Photos from Don Price

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[1]  Engineer's mess hall and movie theater
[2]  Randy Bauman, Steve Stefanski, Bob White, George Lockhart, Oliver Lowther, Leon Francis
[3]  Base camp,  [4]  Commanding officer's compound (front),  [5]  Armored personnel carrier

[6]  Weigt-Davis INF compound  [7]  "Doc" Murray, platoon medic
[8]  Harris, Don Price, Fedus "Snuffy" Smith, Ken Mathistad, Jim Welburn
[9]  Sgt. Kitchens given Welburn hell, Bob Goselin in background
[10]  Lt. Merrihun, "Tailgunner"

[11]  Bravo Company sign,  [12]  Don Price returning from daily sweep,
[13]  Unknown mortar man,  [14]  Commo
[15]  Don Price, Jim Welburn, Fedus Smith, Lt. Merrihun, Sgt. Kitchens
[16]  Bob White, George Lockhart,  [17]  Wally Fletcher

[18]  Waterfall northeast of Weigt-Davis,  [19]  Commo,  [20]  Wally Fletcher and friend
[21]  Unknown,  [22]  Unknown,  [23]  Don Price,  [24]  Fedus "Snuffy" Smith, Don Price

[25]  Sgt. Don Price, unknown,  [26]  Don Price and Queenie
[27]  Another view of Weigt-Davis (See #3) sent by John Odom, HHC 69-70

Christmas at LZ Lois

[28]  Don Price with Hollywood starlet,  [29]  Unknown,  [30]  "Famous Sounds" plays for the troops
[31]  USO Tour:  Hollywood Starlets visit LZ Lois

[32]  Johnny Blair hangs with Hollywood starlet while Richard Lilly looks on
[33]  Don Price with another starlet
[34]  Santa Claus visits LZ Lois

Don Price's 1970 photos of An Khe




1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  Bravo Company - Late 1969
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