Bravo Company - Dec 1969 through Spring 1970
Photos from David "Doc" Brown
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LZ Lois

[1]  Ray Mercardo, Gary Cassidy, David "Doc" Brown, John "Mad Dog" Hobson, Unknown
[2]  Fogey, Prieto, Sgt. Jerry Stinger, Mugsy, Unknown, Ludy's head
[3]  M-60 crew:  Steffi, Unknown, Unknown, Herrick
[4]  Sweet Johnson (with spoon in back), rest Unknown

Camp Enari

[5]  Front: Jim Ludy, John Hobson, Rear: "Doc" Brown, Mercardo
[6]  Mercardo, Brown, Hobson
[7]  "Navigator CP":  Hobson, Cassidy, Mercardo, Brown

[8]  David "Doc" Brown at LZ Lois
[9]  Lt. Gary Cassidy, "Navigator"

LZ Hard Times

[10]  Aerial view of LZ Hard Times
[11]  "Main Street" in LZ Hard Times
[12]  "Doc" Brown, "Doc" Hayes
[13]  Bravo Company parties in the medic's bunker
[14]  Dr. Rude dresses a punjii wound, others unknown

LZ Dragon, Cambodia, May 1970

[15]  Paul Beck, "Doc" Brown digging a hole in Cambodia
[16]  MSG Crispin, Gary Robertson
[17]  Steve Heck, Doc Menge, SGM, Milo Strand
[18]  Bill "Doc" Sale with captured SKS rifles
[19]  LZ Dragon Aid Station - MSG Crispin, "Doc" Brown

[20]  MSG Crispin
[21]  LTC Robert "The Dragon" Naylor, Bn XO Maj. James Scott, Capt. Robert Pickett, OPS
[22]  Chaplin Conner
[23-24]  Setting Delta Tangos for 81mm mortar

[25-26]  "Doc" Brown
[27]  LZ Dragon aid station, May 1970.  David Brown, Bill Sale, Capt. Peter Menge, Milo Strand
[28]  Sign at Battalion Aid Station at LZ Dragon in Cambodia

Other Photos

[29]  Song (Kit Carson Scout), "Doc" Brown, February 1970
[30]  Artillery Forward Observer (Unknown), Artillery RTO Rick Ericksen, "Doc" Brown
[31]  "Doc" Brown at Phu Cat, Tet 1970
[32-33]  Extracting Merrick - Cassidy, Brown, Bachar, March 1970

[34]  Extraction,  [35]  SFC Mizuno, David Brown, Ron Vorderbruggen
[36]  Ron
Vorderbruggen, Unknown, John Hall, Phil Embry, August 1970
[37]  John Livewell, David Brown, Tom Ferk, October 1970

[38]  "Doc" Hayes, "Doc" Beck, Summer 1970 at Camp Radcliffe
[39]  Capt. Peter Menge, Battalion Surgeon, Fall 1970
[40]  "Doc" Brown at NVA farm
[41]  "Doc" Brown in the boonies
[42]  Ron Vorderbruggen, "Doc" Brown, July 1970




1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  Bravo Company - December 1969 through Spring 1970
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