Bravo Company - 1970 - An Khe / Camp Radcliff
Photos from Randy Bauman

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LZ Tuffy

[1]  Larry Cary, Gary Shubart, Dave Johnson, Chris Perryman, Dave Secotte
      Steve Stefanski and Tom "Crash" Hypes - LZ Tuffy
[2]  Steve Stefanski, artillery unknown, Gary Shubart
[3]  Larry Cary, Neve "Blinos" Boyd, Dave Secotte, Steve Stefanski, Chris Perryman (back showing)
[4]  Tom "Crash" Hypes adjusts mortar
[5]  Randy Bauman samples the fine cuisine at LZ Tuffy

LZ Hard Times

[6]  Randy Bauman leans against a "Duster" at LZ Hard Times
[7]  Dave Secotte with "Duster" rounds
[8]  Steve Stefanski with "Care" package
[9]  Leon Francis, men at left Unknown
[10]  "Doc" Hayes with chow

[11]  Aerial view of LZ Hard Times
[12]  Aerial view of area around LZ Hard Times
[13]  Village near LZ Hard Times
[14]  Aerial view of LZ John Henry

An Khe / Camp Radcliff

[15]  An Khe Base Camp (Camp Radcliff),  [16]  Unknown,  [17]  Gary Shubart with dogs,
[18]  Gary Shubart, Rich Cooper, Dave Johnson, Mile Elders, 
[19]  Mike Elders, Neve "Blinos" Boyd, Harv, Kibble

[20]  Bob White in front of Dragon's Den
[21]  "Shorty" Shultz and Jack,  [22]  Alexander Mitchell,  [23]  "Doc" Beck
[24]  Unknown, Rob Blackman, Harv and the "Party Jeep"

[25]  Frank "Doc" Carbone,  [26]  Unknown
[27]  Frank "Doc" Carbone, Tom "Crash" Hypes, Gary Shubart
[28]  Jackson, Kibble, Collins, Mitch
[29]  Giving some DAP at Camp Radcliff

[30]  Dave Johnson,  [31]  Dave Harvy, Gary Shubart,  [32]  Jack Bower, Randy Bauman

An Khe Stand Down

[33]  Unknown,  [34]  Unknown,  [35]  Unknown,  [36]  Unknown,  [37]  Unknown,  [38]  Unknown


[39]  Randy Bauman and unknowns,  [40]  Neve "Blinos" Boyd, Randy Bauman holding Short-timer stick
[41]  Randy Bauman's last meal with the Golden Dragons,  [42]  Steaks cooking on the grill
[43]  Randy Bauman stands beside sign as he leaves 1/14th in Vietnam




1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  Bravo Company - 1970 - An Khe / Camp Radcliff
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