Charlie Company - 1st Platoon - Mid '67 to Mid '68
Photos of Dan Marasco

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[01]  Unknown, at Chu Lai Base Camp,  [02]  Unknown, Chu Lai,  [03]  RTO Dan Marasco,  [04]  Huey pick-up
[05]  Dan Marasco and Vietnamese barber,  [06]  Unknown,  [07]  Bar-B-Que, Unknown,  [08]  John Bergo
[09]  Dan Marasco makes Sergeant E-5

[10]  Mel at LZ Hardcore,  [11]  Mel, Dan Marasco, Taipai R&R,  [12]  Unknowns, Chu Lai Base Camp
[13]  Dan Marasco, rest Unknown at Chu Lai,  [14]  On patrol,  [15]  Search and Destroy, Unknowns
[16]  On patrol crossing stream

[17]  Unknown, Dan Marasco,  [18]  Lt. Anderson, Gene Grooms, Dan Marasco,
[19]  Convoy,  [20]  John Bergo, Unknown, Dan Marasco,  [21]  Dan Marasco, two Unknown,
[22]  Unknown, 
[23]  Standing left: Lt. Anderson, RTO John Bergo, front seated group: Dan Marasco at back left holding beer out.
        At front right, behind blond in front, is James Glenn Standefer (KIA).  Rest unknown, at Chu Lai

[24]  Getting ready for patrol,  [25]  Vietnamese filling sandbags,  [26]  Dan Marasco, Unknowns on patrol
[27-29]  On patrol,  [30]  In the jungle; at center right, RTO John Bergo sits beside his radio, while Lt. Anderson, below, uses it. 

[31]  Searching a hooch,  [32]  Crusin' with Marines at Tam Ky,  [33]  Dan Marasco and monkey, Unknown
[34]  Dan Marasco, Unknown,  [35]  Huey in flight,  [36]  Dan Marasco, Unknowns,  [37]  Unknown water buffalo

[38]  Lt. Anderson takes a break,  [39]  Interrogating VC prisoner,  [40]  Interpreter,  [41]  Dan Marasco plots fire mission
[42]  Lt. Anderson,  [43]  Entrance to bunker,  [44]  Vietnamese near caves

[45]  Searching village,  [46]  Bell observation chopper,  [47]  Filling canteens in the field,  [48]  White phosphorous artillery round
[49]  Chillin' on top of the bunker,  [50]  CIA chopper airborne at LZ English,  [51]  Ready for mission,  [52]  Unknown

[53]  Loading onto Chinook for relocation,  [54]  Unknowns,  [55]  Lt. Anderson, Dan Marasco,  [56]  Unknown
[57]  Dan Marasco takes it easy,  [58]  Scenic countryside,  [59]  M-60 tank,  [60]  Unknown

[61]  Lt. Anderson,  [62]  Dan Marasco, Unknown ready to DEROS,  [63]  Dan Marasco at tent
[64]  Dan Marasco inspects gunship,  [65]  Dan Marasco inside bunker,  [66]  Unknown in bunker
[67]  Welcome Home for Dan Marasco,  [68]  Military Payment Currency,  [69]  North Vietnamese currency, 2 Dong

[70]  Rice Paddies from the air,  [71]  Armored personnel carriers drop troops for night ambush
[72]  APC with troops on top,  [73]  Waiting for the choppers,  [74]  In-country R&R at the South China Sea
[75]  Lt. Anderson, Gene Grooms,  [76]  Platoon aboard trucks

[77-83]  Vietnamese scenes - shops, mini-bus, hooches, village, large market, shops and vendors

[84]  Dan Marasco with three Unknown,  [85]  Unknown,  [86]  Mike,  [87]  Unknown
[88]  Scenic rice paddies,  [89]  Lt. Anderson, Unknown,  [90]  Unknown




1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  Charlie Company - 1st Platoon - Mid '67 to Mid '68 - Photos of Dan Marasco
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