Charlie Company - 2nd Platoon - 1968
Photos from Lee Windham

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[1]  "Tex", "Snow" leaving Duc Pho 12/67
[2]  Steve Whalin, "Doc" Perez, Tom Raines
[3]  Moses with 90mm recoilless launcher, Jim Decker
[4]  Airborne,  [5]  John Sadler at LZ Bunker Hill

[6]  Unknown (M-60 gunner), Squad Leader, Lieutenant, Denny D
[7]  "Doc" Perez, Tom Raines, Lee Windham at LZ Karen
[8]  2nd Platoon SRRP at LZ Karen
[9]  Unknown,  [10]  Moses, Jim Decker

[11]  Denny D, Ron?,  [12]  Battalion monkey mascot fighting puppy at Duc Pho
[13]  Motor Platoon,  [14]  Max Osterle (far right), rest Unknown  [15]  Unknown, Max Osterle at LZ Shorty

[16]  Medic, Unknown, Denny D, "California"
[17]  LZ Karen Nov 68,  [18]  Unknown,  [19]  Unknown,  [20]  Schupe? (he's tense)

[21]  Unknown and Capt. Robert Vaughn at LZ Swinger, after Mad Minute
[22]  Lee Windham fresh from Tokyo R&R, at Dak To FB 30


1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  Charlie Company - 2nd Platoon - 1968
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