Charlie Company 1st Platoon - 1967-68
Photos from Edwin "Hillbilly" Mackey

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[01]  Eric Lockley, Doty, Andrew Hodge, "Moose"  [02]  Edwin "Hillbilly" Mackey enjoys Thanksgiving dinner
[03]  Decker,  [04]  Thomas Davis,  [05]  Unknown,  [06]  Edwin Mackey

[07]  Eric Lockley, Andrew Hodges,  [08]  "Moose",  [09]  Edwin Mackey,  [10]  "Doc" Petering
[11]  Capt. Robert Vaughn,  [12]  "Dallas" Staples and Edwin Mackey,  [13]  Edwin Mackey and Andrew Hodges at LZ English

[14]  "Dallas" Staples, Edwin Mackey  [15]  Unknown in Qui Nhon barber shop,  [16]  Bong Son Bridge from above
[17]  "Charlie Brown",  [18] 
Tommie Brandon (KIA),  [19]  Unknown

[20]  Unknown  [21]  Edwin Mackey, Eric Lockley,  [22]  Unknown,  [23]  Unknown

[24]  Unknown 
[25]  Eddie Owens (with hat on), Unknown, Unknown,
Rhondal Claypool (KIA), Joe Stringo (with cigar, looking at us over his shoulder), Andrew Hodges
[26]  Paul Andrade, Unknown,
Rhondal Claypool (KIA), Jerry Bates in center with cigar, Tommy Newton (with can to lips), Joe Stringo, Andrew Hodges
[27]  Merlin Maxvill, Edwin Mackey



1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  Charlie Co 1st Platoon - 1967 / 1968 - Photos of Edwin "Hillbilly" Mackey
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