Charlie Company - Early 1969
Photos from Tim Duncan

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[01]  M-60 gun team, Big Mike, Sarge, Loui Lanza at St. George
[02]  M-16 destroyed by mortar rounds
[03]  Tillman is wounded, after mortar attackUnknown
[04]  Carrying casualties
[05]  Fog hangs in the valley, as seen from FB Bunker Hill
[06]  Fire Mission!  105mm team loads weapon
Ray Burch takes a break at FB Bunker Hill

[08]  Band plays for the troops at LZ Brigit
[09]  Chopper pad at Oasis, preparing for a resupply
[10]  Alpha Company commander talks with Battalion Commander at FB Bunker Hill
[11]  4.2 mortar at LZ Donna prepares to fire
[12]  Men watch air strikes supporting Bravo Company from the top of Chu Pa mountain
[13]  Cool morning fog fills the valley, seen from FB Bunker Hill
[14]  Men climb aboard 1/69th Armor tanks.  L-R:  Tillman, "Lout", Harry, Tim Duncan standing, Barney sitting.

[15]  Tim Duncan poses with M-60 at LZ St George
[16]  Tim Duncan as PIO photographer with the 3rd Bde
[17]  Tim Duncan in the field with M-60

The man who stopped a tank!

I would like guys to remember me as the one who got the tank to stop before it completely ran over SP4 Warren Garret, west of Polei Kleng.  The tank driver and tank commander didn't see that Warren was laying in a prone position firing his M-60 when the tank started backing up.  I was behind a nearby APC, bullets riccoceting off the hull.  I hollered to the tank commander, but he didn't hear me, so I took off running toward the front of the tank and accidentally smacked into another guy sprinting around the corner of the APC to find shelter from the small arms fire.  It almost knocked me out.  But I got up and ran over to the tank, beating on the hatch and waving into the prism until he saw me and brought the tank to a halt.  Most of the guys never saw it happen.  The battalion journal says he was bumped by a tank and it broke his back.  Now you know the rest of the story...

                                                                                                                                                                                           Tim Duncan





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