Delta Company - Early 1970
Photos from Capt. Robert Pickett

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[1]  Capt. Robert Pickett,  [2]  Sgt. Figueroa and 1Lt Jerry "Wild Bill" Cody (Delta Co XO)

[3]  1/14th sign,  [4]  PSG Bill Funderburk, PSG Robert Briedingerk, 1Lt Gene Lusk,
      Cpt Robert Pickett, SSG John McCormick
[5]  Sgt Ed Guerrea, SP4 "Doc" Franck (senior medic), SP4 Will Greer (Sr. RTO), SP4 Gary Lewis (Co. RTO)
[6]  Stand down at An Khe:  Rocky Gelder, "Beep-beep" Fowler, Unknown, Glen Kershner
[7]  Hip Shoot:  July 4th cookout eating VC corn, bananas, manioc in five-finger region southeast of Pleiku

[8]  4.2 mortars firing in support of Alpha Co contact
[9]  Capt. Bob Pickett as 3rd Brigade Asst S-2
[10]  Capt. Jimmy Wheeler, 3rd Brigade Asst S-3 - later commander of Alpha Co, 1/14th
[11]  3rd Brigade S-2/S-3 Maj Bruce "Bald Bruce" Emery receives award from Col Volney Warner
[12]  Front row: WO2 Price, WO1 Hall, Unknown, Maj D.A. Miller, Cpt Joe May, Unknown, Maj Emery.

[13]  3rd Brigade:  S-3 Maj D.A. Miller, Asst S-3 Cpt Jim Wheeler
[14]   CSM Giles, 3rd Brigade Command Sergeant Major, other two unknown
[15]  3rd Brigade S-4 Maj A. Moi
[16]  3rd Brigade S-4 Section Master Sergeant Dunlap
[17]  PT Skip Stiglich, Commander of Military Intelligence - he wore no rank and was addressed as Mr.

[18]  3rd Brigade S-2 Section:  SP5 John Feld, Intelligence Analyst
[19]  3rd Brigade Asst S-2 for Analysis:  Cpt George St. George
[20]  Bob Pickett in the S-2 office as Assistant S-2
[21]  3rd Brigade Asst S-4 Cpt Jim Brown
[22]  Sgt McRay, member of S-3 Section

[23]  SP4 Ritter, SP4 Turner, Unknown, SP5 Feld
[24]  Col Warner leaving command bunker at NPD
[25]  Front gate of Special Forces Camp New Plei D'Jereng where 1/14th mounted air assault into Cambodia
[26]  Part of defensive perimeter and airfield at New Plei D'Jereng
[27]  Road between New Plei D'Jereng and LZ Oasis, goes on to Pleiku and Cambodia.  Engineers are clearing the road

[28]  3rd Brigade sign at Camp Enari
[29]  Part of Chu Pa/Chu Pong Mountain complex
[30]  More of the Chu Pa area
[31]  Aerial view of part of Camp Enari
[32]  Back side of 3rd Brigade headquarters, Camp Enari

[33]  Dragon Mountain seen from 3rd Brigade headquarters billeting area
[34]  Aerial view of Kateka Tea Plantation, located between LZ Oasis and Camp Enari
[35]  Another aerial view of the Kateka Tea Plantation




1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  Delta Company - Early 1970 - Photos from Capt. Robert Pickett
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