Headquarters & Headquarters Company:  Spring/Summer 1966

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[1]  Unknown, Paul Cedarwall, Unknown,  [2]  LTC Gilbert Proctor, Jr. receives Vietnamese award
[3]  Capt. Cacioppe,  [4]  LTC Gilbert Proctor, Jr.,  [5]  Sgt Dennis Kittle, RTO for S-2

[6]  Capt. Sparrago, battalion surgeon,  [7]  SSG Leonard Collins,  [8]  L. Myers

[9]  LTC Proctor, Unknown,  [10]  Supply building,  [11]  Sgt Dennis Kittle
[12]  Poker game, Capt. Tom Jones at far center, rest Unknown
[13]  Captains William Myers (Asst S-3), Tom Jones (Asst S-3), Joe Pellegrino at Oasis

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