Headquarters & Headquarters Company:  Early 1966
and 3rd Brigade Command area

Thanks to Richard Russell for these photographs - he served as a 1st Lieutenant with the 2nd Battle Group 14th Infantry,
served in Korea and commanded Bravo/1st/69th Armor in Vietnam, and took these photos while acting as 3rd Brigade S-3.

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[01]  Maj. Raymond "Gene" Johnson (KIA), Capt. Charles Armstrong, LTC Gilbert Procter, Jr.
[02]  1/14th CP area,  [03]  1/14th LZ

[04]  3rd Bde briefing sequence,  [05]  3rd Brigade commander's latrine

[06]  Duc Co entrance,  [07]  Aloha Airlines sign,  [08]  3rd Brigade briefing area

1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  HHC:  Early 1966 - Miscellaneous 3rd Brigade Photos
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Photographs Copyright 2014  Richard Russell, Bravo/1st/69th Armor and 3rd Brigade Staff
Last modified: August 11, 2014