Headquarters and Headquarters Company - Summer/Fall 1966
Photos by Capt. Richard H. Beal, Bn S-2

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[1]  Command Group prior to helicopter lift,  [2]  Unknown
[3]  Bn. Base Camp at LZ27D in vicinity of "Dew Line" near Cambodian border.  Heavy trail made by tanks 
Cpt Richard H. Beal, Bn Intelligence Officer (S-2), 3rd Bde Task Force, Opn Paul Revere May-Dec 1966

[5]  Recovery party,  [6]  Recovery party,  [7]  Unknown,  [8]  Chaplain Pratt leads Christian service
[9]  Opn Paul Revere:  Richard Beal, Tom Jones study captured Chinese 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun

[10]  Chinese 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun
[11]  Captured Chinese "heavy" 7.62mm machine gun.  Chinese radio in background is 30+lb backpack type,
        water cell battery powered, with a reported range of 200 miles.
End of a snake - LZ27D
[13]  Bravo Co. Mess Line, Hwy 19 Opn, April 1966
[14]  Charlie Co troops at the base of the Chu Pong, Ia Drang Valley, Operation Paul Revere, June 1966

[15]  Volleyball game with 1/14th officers, May 1966.  (l-r) Cpt. Jackson, Lt. Rasor, Cpt. Cacioppe,
        Unknown, Cpt. Berry, Lt. Kukea, LTC Proctor
[16]  NVA hootch/shelter, Sept. 1966
[17]  Unknown
[18]  Alpha Co crosses log bridge near Cambodian border, North.  Operation Paul Revere, Sept. 1966
[19]  Unknown

[20]  Plei Djereng Special Forces Camp
[21]  Troops in LZ at base of Chu Pong (in distance), Ia Drang valley (note large bomb crater behind troops at right
[22]  Charlie Co troops in the vicinity of the "Dew Line", near Cambodian border
[23]  Waiting for choppers near the base of Chu Pong
[24]  Civic Action - handing out C-rations, may be Gregory Bielicki (?)

[25]  Turk, 40th Infantry Platoon Scout Dog with his Purple Heart
[26]  LTC Procter, Gen. Walker and Sgt. Russell Castle with scout dog Turk, Sept. 1966

Sgt. Castle was wounded in the action of 14 October 1966 and flown home to Walter Reed Hospital, where he remained until his death on 2 July 1967.  Turk was enroute to visit him . . . hopefully to aid in his recovery . . . when he died.  After spending a few days at Fort Benning, Turk was returned to Vietnam.  William "Twiggy" Brown of the 40th Infantry Platoon Scout Dogs reported that Turk was retired when he came back to the unit . . . no more walking point.




1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  HHC - Summer/Fall 1966 - Photos of Capt. Richard Beal
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