Recon Platoon:  Late 1966 - Early 1967
Photos from SSG Pat Patton
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[01]  Haymore
[02]  SSG Pat Patton
[03]  Gary Stymus (KIA)
[04]  Ron Wanoucka 
[05]  Unknown, SFC Wickward (DSC) aka "Daddy Rat [KIA], Unknown

[06]  Mess line, "Speedy", Chandler, Charley Beamen, Unknown, Unknown
[07]  SSG Pat Patton, Gary Stymus (KIA), Ron Wanoucka
[08]  SSG Pat Patton, Unknown, Haymore
[09]  Bunker

[10]  Unknown, Unknown, Brayboy, SGT Dave Younk (KIA), Unknown, Unknown, Adams, Gary Stymus (KIA)
[11]  "Big Mac" Malone
[12]  Chopper and bunker
[13]  SSG Pat Patton, Unknown, Gary Stymus, Andy Anderson (RTO)

[14]  SSG Pat Patton
[15]  Haymore
[16]  Tom Thomas?
[17]  SSG Pat Patton, Unknown, Lt. Bruce Shipley on R&R in Hong Kong
[18]  SGT Howard
[19]  Ron Wanoucka (back), Unknown, "Speedy", SGT David Younk [KIA]

[20]  Haymore, Unknown
[21]  Rice paddies
[22]  SGT Dave Younk [KIA]
[23]  River,
[24]  Ron Wanoucka (rear), SSG Pat Patton on radio, Unknown sleeping
[25]  SSG Pat Patton
[26]  Jerry "Doc" Spulecki

1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  Recon Platoon:  Late 1966 - Early 1967
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Photos Copyright 2015  Patrick Patton [1-25]
Photos Copyright 2015  Jerry Spulecki [26]
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