Headquarters and Headquarters Company - Summer 1967
LZ 54 base camp outside of Chu Lai
Photos by Capt. (Dr.) Jeffrey Carr

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    1967 Christmas Menu 

[01]  Capt. (Dr.) Jeffrey Carr, Battalion Surgeon

[02]  1/14th "Golden Dragons" Battalion sign (25th Inf Div insignia at left has been painted over,
       soon to be replaced by 4th Inf Div insignia)
[03]  McKeller Dispensary
[04]  Inside Dispensary
[05]  Medical team - Front L-R: John Wise, Jerry Spulecki, Terrence Rusch,  Back L-R: Unknown, Val Liepins.
[06]  Back of Dispensary
[07]  Capt. (Dr.) Jeffrey Carr at 2nd Surgical Hospital in Chu Lai

[08]  Reception area, 2nd Surgical Hospital, Chu Lai
[09]  2nd Surgical Hospital at Chu Lai
[10]  Visiting the sick and wounded at 2nd Surgical Hospital
[11]  1/14th Battalion chapel
[12]  Chaplain Jerry Martin arrives at LZ 54, with unknown helper

[13]  LZ 54 base camp
[14]  2Lt. Rasmussen and Battalion sergeant Wesley Feggens
[15]  Val Liepins brings sick soldier to the Aid Station
[16]  Unknown with dog and monkey
[17]  Hueys in formation




1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  Headquarters and Headquarters Company - Summer 1967
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