Headquarters & Headquarters Company:  Spring/Summer 1968
Photos by SSG Ron Rush

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[1]  Battalion S-4 Supply group,  [2]  Felix 'Saint' Bucks, Ron Rush, Unknown  [3]  Ron Rush (sitting), Unknown,
[4]  Unknown at bar-b-que,  [5]  Unknown HHC personnel

[6]  SSG Ron Rush,  [7]  Ron Rush, Warrant Officer Rogers, Renee,  [8]  Felix 'Saint' Bucks, Unknown
[9]  Warrant Officer Rogers,  [10]  Unknown

[11]  Unknown, Holgrum,  [12]  Unknown,  [13]  Unknown,  [14]  Unknown,  [15]  Unknown

[16]  Battalion S-4 Office,  [17]  Jeep on road in front of S-4 on a rainy day,  [18]  Sniper team,  [19]  Sniper team
[20]  Golden Dragon sign: "Alpha Army, Can B Done, Charging Charlie, Delta Demons, Echo Eradicators"

1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  Headquarters & Headquarters Company:  Spring/Summer 1968
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