LZ Brillo Pad Photos
1968 - Early 1969

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  Photo taken by Bill Boe is displayed
in the 4th Infantry Division Museum
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  NVA weapons & equipment left behind
after 2nd night-long siege

Freddie Bradley sits beside bunker

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Pulling enemy 51 cal. machine
gun bullets from sandbags
NVA Bamboo Bangalore Torpedo
packed with C-4
View from inside a bunker on Brillo Pad after being hit by NVA heavy mortar round.  Richard Moon, who was in the bunker, said, "I was almost completely deaf for two hours afterwards."



1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photographs:  LZ Brillo Pad  1968- Early 1969
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Photographs Copyright 2013 Bill Boe
Last modified: May 11, 2017