Shotgun Program - 1965

Photos of James Davis
"I was TDY to the 117th Aviation, Camp Goldberg, Qui Nhon, Vietnam as a door gunner"

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[1]  Garza, Jim Davis, Parker, Pizzi, Butcher  [2]  PFC Carlton Crofts,  [3]  SP4 Noonan with AK-47
[4]  Ronald Bean with Vietnamese child,  [5]  SP4 Noonan

[6]  SP4 Muteo Garza Jr.,  [7]  PFC Smith,  [8]  Unknown,  [9]  At the airfield

[10]  Unknown,  [11]  Sgt. Shippey,  [12]  Unknown

[13]  Barracks at Camp Goldberg, Qui Nhon,  [14]  SP4 Garza, on gate guard at Qui Nhon
[15]  PFC Parker,  [16]  SP4 Butcher




1/14th Infantry Vietnam Photos:  Shotgun Program 1965
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