IV.  Rocket/Mortar Attack Against Hardcore


After Action Report for the
dated 13 April 1968

On the morning of 8 February 1968, approximately 6 mortar rounds and three or four 122 mm rocket rounds were directed against Hardcore.  Immediately reports from B and D Companies localized the mortar positions, and counter-mortar fire was directed by these companies, utilizing the battalion 4.2 inch mortar platoon.

Fortunately, the battalion commander at the battalion OP observed the flash of fire from the rocket position and artillery fire was directed against it.  Fortunately, also the airborne FAC was overhead and assisted materially in directing supporting 105 mm artillery into the rocket position.  An
immediate air strike request diverted several flights of fighters which accurately struck the rocket position; the effort was of course controlled by the airborne FAC.  The air strikes uncovered an antiaircraft firing crew manning their weapon, which also was struck.

No mortar or rocket rounds were fired subsequent to the retaliatory effort by the battalion.  It is believed that
the rocket position was destroyed, and that as a minimum the mortar positions were forced out of action.  The rocket firing position was located outside the Golden Dragon area of operations at coordinate AT967572.  Close liaison with the 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment facilitated clearance for the artillery and air strike.