Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Procter Jr.
Battalion Commander... 1st Bn., 14th Infantry  1966 - 1967

Award of the Silver Star
Excerpt from the "Bronco Bugle")

   The Silver Star, the Army's third highest award for valor, was presented to Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Procter, Jr., commander of the 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry, "Golden Dragons."

   The presentation was made by Lieutenant General Stanley R. Larsen, commanding general of I Field Forces, Vietnam, on Thursday when he visited the 3rd Brigade Task Force to attend the change of command ceremony of the 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry.

   Colonel Procter was cited for his gallant actions and inspiring leadership against two battalions of the North Vietnamese Army, November 19th in the central highlands of Vietnam near the Cambodian border.

   As soon as it became clear that his battalion was engaged in a fierce firefight, he was landed by helicopter in the rear of the engaged forces.  He then learned that two company commanders involved in the action were incapacitated by enemy fire and immediately reconstituted the chain of command of each company.

   He supervised the coordination of the artillery and air support and the extraction of the seriously wounded.  In the morning, he swept the area surrounding the battle site with his forces and ordered a well-organized, faultless movement to secure the area.

   On the following day Colonel Procter led his men straight back into the area of this fierce battle to re-engage the enemy and continue the fight.

   The result of the battle was 166 North Vietnamese soldiers killed and 280 estimated wounded.

   Throughout the engagement, Colonel Proctor remained extremely calm and commanded his battalion in an orderly, thoughtful manner, always maintaining a determined force by his personal example of confidence and determination.

   After the presentation General Larsen spoke to the men of the "Golden Dragon" battalion and said, "I envy Colonel Procter and I envy your fine battalion.

   "Today you are the most experienced, the longest combat veterans in country, and I don't think you have to take your hat off to any other unit in this country.

   "You've been led by a truly outstanding soldier.  He's the only battalion commander that I know of in all Vietnam, who has kept a battalion for a full year while he was in Vietnam.

   "I'm very proud to stand here in front of a group of men that wears the same patch that I wore so proudly a long time ago, when I served with the 25th Infantry "Tropic Lightning" Division."


Procter Says Farewell To Dragons
Excerpt from the "Bronco Bugle")


   Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Procter, Jr., commanding officer of the 1st battalion, 14th Infantry, "Golden Dragons" said farewell to the officers and men of his battalion in a formal change of command ceremony held here on Thursday.

   Distinguished guests attending the ceremony included Lieutenant General Stanley R. Larsen, commanding general I Field Force Vietnam, Major General Arthur Collins, commanding general, 4th Infantry Division, Brigadier General Glenn D. Walker, assistant division commander 4th Infantry division and Colonel James G. Shanahan, commander of the 3rd Brigade Task Force, 25th Infantry Division.

   In his farewell speech Col. Procter made the following comments:  "It's been a real honor to have had the privilege to command the "Dragons" these last 27 months.

   "You are the finest fighting force in Vietnam.  In my book you're the best."

   He went on to say, "I'm proud of you, proud to have been part of the 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry and I congratulate you on your battle record."

   Colonel Procter then spoke of the new commander and personal friend, Lt. Col. William H. Miller.

   "He's one of the best, he's a good soldier.  And I'm confident that the support and professional manner in which you have performed during these past eleven months will continue under Col. Miller's command."