From the 1/14th Daily Journal for 7-8-9 NOVEMBER 1966.

7  NOVEMBER 1966

The Command group, Mortar Platoon and Battery B, 2/9th Artillery were extracted to LZ 3G, Closing at 1018 hours.
Co A moved out to LZ 504C at1137 hours on their search and destroy mission which would end at LZ 3G.
Co B's 1st and 3rd Platoons search out the area West and Northwest of LZthe night at YA920575 (2nd and 4th
and at YA918592 (1st and 3rd) with no contact.

8  NOVEMBER 1966

8 NOVEMBER 1966 Co A's two task forces: Army (1st and 3rd Platoons) and Alfa (2nd and 4th Platoons) moved
southwest beginning at 0735.  During the day they found a dead PAVN in a hammock, and policed up three PAVN POW's
who were extracted and brought to Brigade Headquarters.  Co A spent the night quietly at YA926558.  Col. Proctor
hosted a dinner for Chief Quen of the village of Plei Toun.  He was given gifts of cigars, cigarettes, candy and soap.  He
said he would send a messenger to us if he received any information about the VC.  The night passed quietly for all units.


TF Army moved out at6 0630 to the West.  TF Alfa remained at their LZ for a short time and then moved out.  At 0905
C. A made a contact with three VC vic YA917563 and killed one of them.  At 2008 TF Alfa discovered a campsite for at
least 5 people.  They policed up an SKS and a PAVN Pack.  At 1015 they made contact again at YA911557 and killed
another PAVN and captured an AK47, and SKS and two packs.  Co B's 1st Platoon swept an area south of the river and
returned to their LZ at 1655 with no contact.  In the morning Co C secured a 3rd Brigade CA team in a visit to the
village of Plie Chorr (YA859476).  The party consisted of a Medical Team, CA Team, Capt. Beal, and a photographer
from "Stars and Stripes".  the visit was very successful.  About 40 Montagnards were treated for various illnesses,
and clothing and candy were distributed to the villagers.  Alfa Army spent the night at the same location as the previous
night.  No contact was made during the night.