From the 1/14th Daily Journal for 10 NOVEMBER 1966.

10 NOVEMBER 66   Co C was placed under OPCON of the 2nd Bn, 8th Infantry. They were lifted into LZ Lane at YA614527, closing at 0915. They had Recon Platoon of the 2/8th with them and moved to the South along the creek. Co A was extracted to LZ 3G, closing at 1229. Their 4th Platoon moved out as a patrol to check a "Spider Report" in the vicinity of Plei HO BO (YA841470) and returned at 1505 with negative contact. Co B's 2nd Platoon searched an area North of LZ 2H along the south side of the SE SAN River with no contact. Co B was returned to LZ 3G. Capt Federline volunteered Co C to move Northwest across the stream and relieve the pressure on the CIDG force. During the late evening, Co C was ordered to move northwest to make contact with the CIDG and Co A moved West from LZ Lane. The CIDG force had taken many casualties and needed help. The hours between dark and midnight found both Companies C and A moving through very heavy vegetation, in the dark, trying to make contact with a CIDG group in trouble. A difficult and dangerous job. Just right for the Golden Dragons.

11 NOVEMBER 1966    At 0025 hours Co C and A made contact with the perimeter of the CIDG force simultaneously. They secured the force and passed the night with no further contact. In the morning, they cleared a 2 ship LZ and began medevac of the CIDG force. General Collins visited Col. Procter at LZ Lane at 0900. Col. Shanahan came in at 0925, and he and Col. Procter left at 1035 to go to Co A and Co C's location. An Engineer Team came in to help clear LZ Lane. The Recon Platoon, 2/8th was detached from Co C and extracted. At 1500 Co A moved out to the North and West on a search and destroy mission. They had no contact during the night. CoC sent its 3rd Platoon out to YA505505 to set up an ambush
at 1745. It didn't take long to set up, and at 1840 they killed 2 PAVN and wounded another. The rest of the night passed quietly, but all of the Dragons knew they had a good hunting area. This area was crawling with PAVN.

12 NOVEMBER 1966 At 0829 the 3rd Platoon of Co C found some grenades, banana clips, and some commo wire at their ambush site. Co B moved through the area of the CIDG Contact of the 10th. They found 2 dead PAVN at YA605527 and a company size US position containing a good bit of US equipment and a notebook with a 1st Air Cav insignia on it. On their way back to LZ Lane, Co B and the Recon Platoon found a log crossing at YA608520. They picked up a wounded PAVN who stated that there were 5 NVA companies in the area. How true that proved to be! The linked up with the CIDG force and closed into LZ Lane at 1405 hours. The Recon Platoon and the 3rd Platoon of Co B had contact at YA614514 with 1-2 NVA. No bodies were found, but they picked up an SKS rifle and came into LZ Lane at1637 hours. At 1531 Co C closed on hill 283 (YA587517), and at 1545 Co A closed the same location and linked up with Co C. A resupply helicopter going into Co C and A's position received ground to air fire. Col. Miller, CO of the 2nd Bde, 4th Division came in with Col. Shanahan to visit Col. Procter. We were place under OPCON of Col. Miller when we first came into LZ Lane. The 1st Bn, 12th Infantry North of us, came under heavy mortar attack at 1830. As the contact got heavier, Battery B, 2/9th Artillery located with us at LZ Lane fired in support of them. None of our units had contact during the night. Co B and the Recon Platoon were in LZ Lane and Companies C and A were located at YA587517.