Written 1966 by Michael E. Dingwell,
65th Engineers.

 I was there during the battle on the 19th of Nov., 1966 

There were two engineers who went into that bunker complex and who blew out the LZ.  They were myself and my best friend, Bill June.  After the LZ was done, we volunteered to go up the trail and join the 'grunts'.  

Well, they sent us up that trail to roll the wounded in a poncho and drag them back, which we did until dark.  That night as we lay there with the infantry, we kept hearing groaning.  It turned out that there was a tunnel right in front of us. I'm convinced that it was an underground hospital and that there were more then likely gooks down there.  They had blown it shut and it really smelled like death. Being kinda green, I didn't have a clue as to what I should do.  I should've tied a charge, wired electrically, to a piece of bamboo and blew it open.  But, to show you how green we were, we practically begged to be allowed to join the grunts, who were real live hero's to us.  I'll never forget how fiercely you guys fought.  Sure made me proud to be an American. 

Later, on July the 3rd, 1967, my best friend was killed as he tried to disarm a mine. I was shot with a recoiless rifle while sitting on the back of an APC. I lost a leg and my best friend in less then a week. 

Anyhow, I'm not sure which Company we were with, as nobody ever gave us any information, but I think it was 'B' Company. One carried a chain saw and the other the gas. I gotta tell ya though, it's a good thing they didn't let us attack the enemy, cause I could'nt even see any, even when practically next to them. 

Take care. You guys are still my hero's. 

Michael E. Dingwell

65th Engineers.