From the 1/14th Daily Journal for 22 NOVEMBER 1966.

 22 NOVEMBER 1966 Today's actions followed the pattern set yesterday. Co A and B, 2/35 moved out on line. Captain McQuillan's right flank platoon again made contact in the same general location. They estimated 15 to 30 NVA fighting from bunkers and trees. One thing that was noted was the fact that some of the NVA seen were wearing US steel helmets and US type uniforms. None of the NVA KIA's had this equipment, so no positive check could be made.

Following the initial contact, Co B 2/35 pulled back to give the air and arty room to come in. This resulted in a rough horse-shoe with Co A still on line and physically linked together.

The Brigade Commander, Col. Miller, at this point decided to pull out and put another B-52 strike into the area. This decision was probably largely based on the inability to maneuver close to the border. This decision was carried out and all three companies closed back to LZ "Lane" for the nigh.

The CIDG company was lifted out about noon. This left four companies in LZ "Lane" for the night.


23 NOVEMBER 1966 Following the B-52 strike of last night, the "Golden Dragons" again returned to the area of "Dragon Crater". This time the plan was to move through with 3 companies on line. Co A, and B, 2/35, and Co C would sweep through the area in that order from east to west. Co B, 2/35 would center themselves on the area where they made contact the past two days and where there is believed to be a new bunker complex.

Under this plan, all three companies moved out and arrived at "Dragon Crater" about 1130 hrs. Lt. Col. Procter again went out to direct the companies from the "Crater". One Mortar Platoon and Recon Platoon were sent out as security.

By 1300 hrs, all elements were in position for the sweep. It "Kicked Off" and all companies moved south through the area. There was no contact made, however, 3 NVA bodies were found.

At 1500 hours an unfortunate accident occurred. The FO Co B 2/35 had been directing 4.2 rounds in front of the companies as they moved forward. He had already fired 39 rounds when the 40th round fell just in front of their line. The results were 2 KIA and 5 WIA from both companies. It was an unfortunate accident which hit our 4.2 mortar Platoon quite hard. He felt responsible of course, but a check showed a "bad" round was involved.

Morley Safer, with a few other CBS reporters, went with the companies in their sweep today. He has been in and around the 2nd Bde, 4th Division and the 3rd Bde, 25th Inf Division ever since our 19 November contact.

For the Night, the three companies held up about half way through the strike area. The Cmd GP and the Mortar Platoon remained at "Dragon Center".


24 NOVEMBER 1966 The mission of sweeping through and checking out the B-52 Strike area was completed today by noon.

Co A, Co B, 2/35, and Co C moved out on line and came within 1000 meters of the border. Nothing of any significance was found. About 90 bunkers were rendered useless by the strike and about 240 bunkers were destroyed by the Engineers. One unusual finding by Lt Riviere's platoon from "Alpha Army" was a tunnel that was caved in. It was estimated bo be about 30-40 meters long and about 15 feet underground. Part of the entrance was blown by the engineers and two bodies were found. Judging by the odor, they estimated that there were 50 dead NVA inside.

By noon the companies had returned to "Dragon Crater" and had started back to "Lane". The weapons platoon, with their tubes and ammo, along with the engineer's demolitons, were lifted back to LANE.

Upon the companies arrival at "Lane" they were greeted by a turkey dinner prepared by our kitchen back at LZ "3G". The meal included a menu and pumpkin pie (without the crust due to the lack of pie plates). Ice cream was also flown out just prior to the meal. It all made Thanksgiving as happy as it could be under the circumstances.