From the 1/14th Daily Journal for 25 NOVEMBER 1966.

25 NOVEMBER 1966 Last night there was another B-52 strike in the area just to the south of Co A's contact of 13 November. The Dragons were given the mission of checking out the area and making an assessment of the strike.

The activities started with Co B and Co D moving out for a LZ loc just to the east of the strike zone. Co B, 2/35 was pulled back to their Bn and Co A, 2/35 commanded by Captain Charlie Murray was sent out in their place.

CPT Charlie Murray, A/2/35

The entire day's activities consisted of moving to the LZ and lifting Co A, 2/35 from "LANE" to the LZ so as to close in preparation for the sweep the following day. This lift was conducted with one helicopter and was completed quite late in the day.

Lt. Col Procter, Cpatain Beal and their RTO's also closed into the LZ so as to be put on the ground and control the sweep the following day.


26 NOVEMBER 1966 Company B, 1/14 Inf and Company A, 2/35 Inf moved out of the LZ at coordinates YA593054, at 0730 hours. Their "plan" was to move to a jump off position on the east edge of a B-52 bomb strike area and then to deploy on line of fire team columns along an approximately 500 meter front and to sweep west into the bombed area. This was accomplished with Co S, 2/35 on the right and Co B, 1/14 on the left. The two companies pushed approximately 600 meters into the bombed area to a pre-arranged objective area. The only indications of enemy activity was a tunnel about 15 feet deep and 20 feet long which was collapsed by a nearby bomb explosion. Upon completing their search mission both companies returned to the LZ they started from. On the way they distributed propaganda material, which had been dropped to Co B from a helicopter by the S3.

At the same time this sweep was going on, Co C, 1/14 Inf remained in the LZ until all empties were removed by helicopter. Then the company pushed out on a route following the other two companies, but not tracing their stops. At coordinate YA 83504, they found 16 bunkers, 4 foxholes, 4 huts, and 4 latrines. The complex was 5-10 days old and was destroyed by Co C.

At approximately 1300 hours, all companies closed into a LZ about 150 meters south of the one occupied that morning. From this location Co C, 1/14 and Co A, 2/35 moved on foot to LZ Lane. All personnel closed LZ Lane by 1730 hours.


27 NOVEMBER 1966 On this day the 1/14 Inf after 87 days in the field, and several major contacts with the NVA, moved by helicopter to Pleiku Base camp for a well-earned rest.

The move was in stages. The first stage called for a helilift from LZ Lane to LZ 3A, and was begun at approximately 1210 hours. LZ Lane was cleared by 1630 hours with the last elements to leave being flown directly to Pleiku Base Camp. This lift was accomplished with two Chinooks and 13 HU-1D helicopters from the 155th and 170th Helicopter companies, from Camp Holloway, Pleiku.

At approximately 1500 hours the second stage of the lift began - from LZ 3A to Pleiku Base Camp. With the addition of 12 other HU-1D's (total of 25) from the 117th Avn Company, this lift was completed at 1815 hours.

As the weary but proud "Golden Dragons" closed into the LZ at Pleiku Base Camp they were met by two "Doughnut Dollys" (Red Cross girls) and a band from the 4th Inf Division. "Tropical Storm Nancy", supplying a good amount of rain as the troops flew in, could not dampen the spirits of the 1/14th Inf as they looked forward to a few days of rest and garrison life and passes to Pleiku.